Campaigners warn re-zoning of Dougalston Golf Course could lead to loss of ‘jewel’ resources

June 25, 2020

Campaigners warn re-zoning of Dougalston Golf Course could lead to loss of ‘jewel’ resources

A COMMUNITY has rallied against proposals which would see a beloved green area rezoned for development.

Proposals by British Land would see the areas of Dougalston Golf Course, next to Milngavie, no longer protected by green belt policy.

A webinar held in June revealed detailed plans to create additional residential housing and recreation and commercial facilities on the land which first require the area to be reclassified.

However, after hearing of the plans, “surprised” locals who frequent the “jewel” green spaces started a campaign group, Love Dougalston, to ensure the space remains protected.

A spokesman for the group told the Glasgow Times the community does not want to lose the amazing resource.

He said: “You can imagine our surprise to learn of this huge development in green belt land.”

“It was always argued that the qualities of that land in terms of historic and environmental character and its use by the local population is significant and should be preserved.

“It is a proposal that almost belongs in the last century now – ripping up virgin green belt on such a precious resource that has been protected through history.

“To throw all of that away and to just build more urban sprawl really does beggar belief.”

While the early proposals claim the redevelopment will “retain the leisure and parkland feel”, locals are concerned about the area losing its green belt classification.

The spokesman for Love Dougalston added the group is not objecting to development altogether but believe it should not be at the cost of this beloved area.

The site is used by many for running, cycling and woodland walks, the spokesman added:

“It is used not just by golfers but by the local community for everything from running, from cycling to those who use it for this fantastic woodland walk.

“At the moment we feel it is really important that as a community that we make our voice heard and highlight the wonderful resources on our doorstep.

“Not just for Milngavie, but we know people travel from the South Side and from the West End of Glasgow to enjoy it.”

Thomas Glen, depute chief executive of place of neighbourhood and corporate assets for East Dunbartonshire Council, promised an official consultation will be held.

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He said: “We are aware that an online event was held by British Land earlier in June in relation to a proposed development at Dougalston Golf Course.

“Late last year, the developer submitted the site to the Council during the Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2) Main Issues Report consultation.

“Therefore the site is being assessed by officers as part of work to produce the Proposed LDP2. Work is ongoing on this document but when a draft is ready, there will be extensive public consultation and everyone will be invited to have their say on all sites, including Dougalston Golf Course.”

British Land was contacted for comment.

Article Link: Glasgow Times

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