Who we are

LoveDouglaston SCIO is a group of local residents who have come to together united by the aim of protecting and preserving the Dougalston greenbelt from unnecessary development.

Despite numerous attempts, the local authority have so far resisted allocating the area for mixed use development within its local development plan. This is, in part, due to the local community and their continued focus on the benefits of the woodland and green open space.

The intention of LoveDougalston SCIO is to harness the appreciation of these spaces and ensure that any proposed development is not to the detriment of the landscape, wetland and woodland habitat or public enjoyment of the area.

Our volunteer committee is passionate about highlighting the ecological, social and historical importance of this area and we are committed to preserving the rare eco-systems, countryside and character of this historic town.

Since our formation in June 2020 we have gained considerable traction with backing from the local community and councillors and we continue to garner support as the development risks facing Dougalston are still evident.

About Dougalston

Dougalston is a magical haven that sits just eight miles from Scotland’s largest city on the outskirts of Milngavie. Criss-crossed by leafy paths and walks that reach hidden shady spots, Dougalston is brimming with local wildlife where protected species, such as bats and pine martens, are regularly sighted.

Dougalston’s water features, pathways, bike routes, enormous ash trees, beech trees, Scots Pines and oak trees are all part of a historically designed landscape.

This special area is as versatile as it is beautiful and for years has been enjoyed by many for a wide variety of activities including walking, cycling, yoga, golf, horse riding, bird spotting and much more.

Steering Group

The LoveDougalston Steering Group is made up of members of our community with a wide range of skills and expertise, everything from financial and environmental to legal and business. Together they are driving our campaign forward and are dedicated to ensuring the long-term protection and preservation of the Douglaston Greenbelt.

Andrew Gibson

Chairman of the board is local resident, Andrew Gibson who brings extensive business experience having served on McDonald’s UK executive team.

While growing his own business franchise over the past 20 years, Andrew has actively been involved in supporting community champions and has also served on the board of the Ronald McDonald House Glasgow.

Carolyn Fitzpatrick

Carolyn grew up locally and after spending a brief spell living in Glasgow’s West End, was drawn back to Milngavie’s open, green spaces. She has a wide range of business interests spanning the healthcare, financial services and leisure sectors.

Carolyn enjoys walking her dog most days around Dougalston, appreciating the diverse wildlife, flora and fauna. She wants to see a UK rich in green belt, native woods and trees, our most powerful weapon in the fights against climate change.

Tilly McBride

Marketing and Communications Director for Love Dougalston is Tilly, a wildlife lover and outdoor enthusiast.

With a background in sustainable development, Tilly is committed to protecting and preserving Dougalston. Tilly drives forward all our communications, helping to spread the word about our cause and is very proud to have jointly founded the Love Dougalston Campaign.

Eddie Riach

Retired Architect, Eddie first moved to Milngavie in 1983 and then moved up to the Dougalston area in 1987 where he continues to enjoy walking the family dogs around the area especially enjoying the varied landscape which was formally designed and developed in the late 18th Century with many features still visible.

He was heavily involved in acting for the Community Council at a Public Enquiry in 1997 when British Land attempted to gain consent to build hundreds of houses and remains committed to resisting any further attempts. He brings considerable  knowledge and experience of the Planning process to the Group.

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